First Aid Checklist

First Aid Checklist for Campers

Being in possession of a first aid kit while camping or hiking is pretty essential as it would come in handy when you get injured while performing any of these outdoor activities. Let’s imagine you had just arrived at the campsite and the kids set off to have some fun while you pitch your tent and arrange camp gear.

The kids could run along the lakeshore trip and fall over a piece of rock, a bee could sting on them, or they could have some allergic reaction owing to a stinging plant and require immediate medical attention. This is when a first aid kit comes in handy. If you intend spending quality time outdoors, ensure you move along with a couple of first aid camping essentials just in case of an accident. If you are in need of a complete first aid checklist, you have just come across one. You can create your own first aid checklist and have these items added to your list. Visit your local pharmacy and purchase these items.

A first aid camping kit should contain the following:

  • Clinging bandages of distinct sizes
  • gauze pads or gauze roll of various sizes
  • butterfly bandages
  • sterile wipes and rinse solutions
  • anti-inflammatory medicine
  • hydrocortisone cream
  • Scissors
  • antiseptic creams and ointments
  • tweezers
  • sunburn relief spray
  • safety pins
  • anti-diarrhea medicine
  • knife
  • antihistamine
  • hand sanitizer
  • moleskin
  • aloe vera
  • epi pen
  • triple antibiotic ointment
  • eye drops
  • emergency blanket
  • super glue
  • prescription medicines
  • Duct tape
  • sunscreen

What are the types of accidents associated with camping?

While camping, there are tendencies of occasional scrapes, cuts, and scratches. We should also expect insect stings, allergies, and other hazardous camping accidents associated with outdoor activities.  Hiking through bushes exposes our body to lots of dangerous insects and elements that require our immediate attention.

To elixir scrapes, cuts, and scratches add different sizes of bandages, some antiseptic wipes, and some antibiotic creams. In addition to this add some hydrogen peroxide which is used in washing cuts, and a saline solution which is an excellent relief for washing out eyes in case some unwanted particles flies into your eyes while sitting around a campfire. Liquid pain relief solution comes in pretty handy for the treatment of bug bites, scratches, and small cuts. Tweezers are used in removing splinters and thorns, while a knife or scissors will help to cut bindings and tape. Remember to include aspirin and Tylenol for headaches and any form of internal pains. Add some Imodium and other anti-diarrhea medicine for intestinal issues.

Additional items to consider are sunburn sprays such as aloe vera solutions, zinc oxide, and burn creams. Add leatherman multi-tools as it can be handy for any situation.

Finally endeavor to go through your first aid checklist before leaving with it to your campground to replenish any finished or expired supplies, and always to remember to go camping with your first aid kit.

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