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7 Camping Items Shouldn’t Bring with While Camping

The pioneer rule to conservative camping is: avoid packing camping luxuries. Campers love to have camping luxuries. They want to be more comfortable, and this most often leads them to pack unnecessary camping items. Below is a list of some of the camping items you do not need to bring along to the camping ground. A good number of these weren’t in existence two to three decades ago, and campers were pretty okay without them.

1. The Marshmallow Skewer

Everyone loves the taste of the marshmallow, smeared in chocolate or between some crackers. The marshmallow can be pretty handy while camping but you mustn’t go camping with the skewer to prepare it. You could sit by the campfire to roast it, and it’s just going to be as delicious as though you used skewers to cook it. Skewers are among the camping items you do not need to go camping.

2. Music Players

There are lots of portable musical systems readily available in the market such as iPods, mp3 players, portable speakers and lots more, with new ones manufactured every day.

These instruments are portable with great sounding speakers. They are great for some entertainment while camping in the woods. However, you do not need to bring along any of these musical instruments to the camping ground. Am pretty certain you would want to have a feel of nature, hear birds chirp, and the natural sounds of the wild. How to you intends hearing these lovely sounds when you are busy with your musical playlist.

3. The Solar Shower

Notwithstanding the fact that solar showers heat up water, the truth is that they do not function properly. It doesn’t have an adequate amount of pressure for a thorough cleaning especially if you have a significant amount of hair to wash. So why bring it to the campground?

It is not a camping essential and shouldn’t be brought to the campground. A good body wash in a natural water source is more appropriate.

The solar shower requires lots of water to function appropriately, hence it is a waste of need water in situations where there is a limited supply of water. The solar shower is, therefore, one of the camping items you don’t need to bring.

4. Hanging Pantry

Nowadays, there are lots of kitchen pantries manufactured for camping. Lots of companies are now manufacturing these kitchen pantries for the campground chef. However, you do not need any of these kitchen cabinets at the campground; instead, all you would need to prepare a decent meal is a few cooking utensils. If it’s your favorite spices and other cooking utensils that make you opt for pantries, forget it. After all, food tastes better in camp grounds than it does at home irrespective of how you prepare it.

5. Screen Room Tent

Most people do not like bugs, especially those that bite. However, there are lots of bugs in woods, and one can’t just escape them while there. Most campers opt for the screen room; a large tent designed to prevent bugs from getting across to you.

If there are lots of bugs out there and you do not wish for any to bit you, you can make use of a screen room. However, this tent is pretty expensive, requires additional space, and quite tasking to set up. There are varieties of ways to eradicate bugs and keep them away from you while camping. You can make use of mosquito coils, sprays and lots more.

6. French Press Machine

The French press machine which is also known as portable express machine or camp coffee maker is a machine used to make coffee. However, you do not need to bring this machine along with you to the campground before you can make a coffee. All you need to make a decent cup of coffee is a pot, water, and some coffee grounds. Add the coffee grounds to the boiling water and stir. Add some cold water to enable the grinds to sink to the bottom. Pretty easy!

7. Squat Monkey

Another camping item you do not need to go camping with is the squat monkey. The squat monkey is more like a strap that you fasten to a tree, and twist around your waist. It is designed to help campers squat in the campground. However, you do not need this camping item.

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